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be foxy

Explore, Imagine, Build, Wear, Play, Listen, Show, Sing, Explode.


Vintage Electronics

A store for creatives.

Electronica pedals effects gear

Play it touch it taste it...

Festival Gear and Costumes

Be wild, be you, be something new


We love toys, especially wind-ups!

A.I. Handmade Electrified Acoustic Instruments

Our store

271 Haywood St.

Asheville, NC 28801

Mon - Sun 2 am - 9pm

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Sly Grog Lounge

Not just a store...

Foxy & Company lives with our sister company Sly Grog Lounge! A music venue, private club and all around fun place to be. can have a drink, play ping pong, video games, board games, play with our toys, read a book from our library, play our vintage organs or the baby grand, and go shopping, at all the same time!  

For music, events and to check out the scene go to: