Micro Brute Analog Modular Synthesizer Sequencer

Arturia Micro Brute Analog Modular Synthesizer

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Analog Mono Synthesizer with Sequencer and Modular Section to interact with Eurorack gear
Micro Brute is heavy, easy, awesome, and affordable ;)


  • 100% analog signal path, amazing flexibility, incredibly affordable!
  • 3-waveform voltage-controlled oscillator with Saw, Triangle and Square waves
  • Waveshapers modify and animate your sounds, for a broad palette of sonic possibilities
  • Overtone generator delivers additional harmonics, from one octave down to a fifth up
  • Oscillator waveshapers: Ultrasaw, Pulse Width, Metalizer
  • Steiner-Parker filter gives the MicroBrute a unique sound
  • Arturia's infamous Brute Factor lets you dial in dangerous distortion
  • Step Sequencer is a source of fresh ideas and endless inspiration
  • Modulation Matrix gives you semi-modular flexibility
  • 25 mini-key velocity-sensitive keyboard