Lilliput Robot  Tin Toy

Lilliput Robot Tin Toy

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Lilliput Robot Tin Toy.

This Lilliput Robot is a unique version of the original tin toy robot. His arms sway as he walks. His body is bright blue with orange feet and orange ears. Lilliput walks with pins under his feet when you move the Go/Stop switch mounted on his back. He is a reproduction of a famous K.T. Japanese Robot of the 1940's in the classic printed box. A very special collectors robot for your robot collection! May have some scratches.

Type: Wind-up Tin Toy - Metal Key Included
Category: Tin Robot
Ages: 13+ for Adult Collectors
Size: 6.25" Tall (6.25 x 3 x 2 inches)
Package: 1940's Era Color Box - "Robot Lilliput" retro graphic