Circuit Bent TV/Oscilloscope/Music Visualizer by BPHB

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This is an old CRT television set that has been turned into a sound reactive 3D oscilloscope. Some refer to this modification as the "Wobble Vision", the photon beam from the deflection coils in the cathode ray tube get fed the same signal that an amp feeds passive speakers and crudely mimics the waveforms on an XY axis. We at Foxy and Co. have decided that sending instruments or iPods through this machine while staring at the Wobblevision's hypnotizing oscillations is much healthier for the human psyche than watching any other form of Television. 

Our Standard version is an unpainted 5.5" CRT TV, but paint jobs and odd vintage TVs will be available soon and requests are very welcome.

NOTE: TV must be fed an amplified signal, TVs will come with standard red and black speaker terminals with splitter, simply plug your amp or reciever's speaker outs into the one row of terminals and plug your speakers into the tv's second row of terminals. Alternative inputs and outputs can be made available upon request.